Monday, January 11, 2010

Practicing the date night . . .

Three things today have brought light. I started the class from Carla Barrett on "Quilt Whispering" that she is offering as an online class on Machine Quilters Resource. It is a perfect opportunity to renew my inspiration. It is a three week class and I am really looking forward to the lessons planned and shared.

The second thing is that I have started reading and discussing the book "The Artist's Way". One of the first things on the assignment list is an art date. My first one was tonight after supper at Michael's. Not the most exciting date destination, bit it worked and I got some items for some cards I want to make. I also got some ribbon that I caught my eye and a couple valentine stamps for some cute little cards to make with Meagan when we head to Portland in a couple weeks. I have made a few cards with stamping and enjoy the creative experience. One of my good friends is a "major stamper" and we sometimes plan creative days together. I think we need to plan one soon. I was inspired for these cards from this site and blog . . . {capture the moment}. I just love the examples here.

And - finally - most of the afternoon was spent going through my fabric stash. I have some wonderful projects to finish and some great fabrics. It was exciting just to refold and see the possibilities.

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