Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It is over . . .

This was the last day of the vacation. It has been an amazing 14 days at the lodge. It has helped me realize just how blessed I am every day of my life. I really focused on doing whatever I wanted today. I did very little in the studio and decided to not hurry to get the quilt finished for Meagan. It is for Valentine's Day so I will take it with me to sew and quilt it up quickly when we get back and send it back to her.

My focus today was on her birthday. I am having trouble finding that Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine. So, I made lots of calls here and in Portland - no luck. I see where Target has them in some of their stores. I will look at Target on our way across - in Missoula, Spokane and then in Portland area. If I don't find one, I have a plan B. I have 3 coupons made up for "shopping trips - one to The Disney Store, one to Macy's, and one to another store of her choice. She is very reasonable about what she chooses - I am not reasonable at all - I go way overboard. I will take my little Janome and we can still sew her the vest with the hearts - pictures of that later. I am also getting her the little teapot set and some packets of hot chocolate and marshmallows for our hot chocolate tea parties.

I also spent some time today getting my closet organized - it is something I wanted to do all vacation so it had to be done today.

And, I had to do a lot of dreaming and reading about the new Apple iPad. I am ordering one as soon as I am able to order. Wow - I can hardly wait.

Tomorrow is a getting ready day for our travels to Portland. The vacation at the lodge is officially over. I am not sure how it will be different except I know my spirits are much brighter. It has been a grand two weeks!

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