Friday, January 14, 2011

Lunch Date at the Student Union . . .

Bob and I both went to college right here in Bozeman at Montana State University. We didn't know each other then as he had graduated before I started.

Bob got his undergraduate degree in 1960 and then went into the Army and ended up in Yuma in the summer and Alaska in the winter for most of his time. He worked in R&D for climatic extremes for testing wheeled and tracked vehicles. I guess that is why he was in Arizona in the summer and northern Alaska in the winter. I always thought that was strange.

I graduated in 1968 with my undergraduate degree from MSU and then came back and got my masters degree in 1978. Bob actually worked on campus for a few years in between those times after he was out of the army, but our paths never once crossed on campus. I first met Bob while I was a teacher in Helena and he was working for state government there. We actually dated for a year (35 years ago?) and then we went our separate ways. My life took me to Billings and then on to Denver where I lived for many years. We reconnected about 18 years ago when I was traveling through from Colorado. We have been married almost 17 years.

Anyway, back to the date today. We went to the Student Union - well I guess the building is called the Strand Union Building. This recent picture (borrowed from the MSU website as there is only snow everywhere now) is what is looked like when we were both on campus. It has been remodeled several times and there are lots of additions on the back, but the front still looks the same. Inside it is very nice and very different from how it looked all of those years ago. There are lots of restaurant choices with a food court and we selected what we wanted and enjoyed the ambiance of the young finishing their first week of classes and preparing for a three day weekend. After lunch we shopped in the bookstore and then stopped at the coffee shop for a coffee before heading out. It was a very special afternoon for us both.

We go to lots of activities on campus, but we have not "gone back in time" before today. We both left campus feeling very blessed and very much in love.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What happened. . .

I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since my last post. I came down with the worst flu right after that and it has taken me most of these past two weeks to really get back to feeling almost normal.

What was I thinking when I wrote that post - I said I would sew every day in 2011 - sew something every day. Not! So, scratch that little thought. I have done a bit of sewing, but I have also done some of my first digitizing these past couple days and that has really been fun.

The little guys were out today and Walker had to explore. He decided he wanted to spend some time in the guest room and he found this giraffe. He thought it was pretty special and I saw the cute picture possibility of him reaching for the giraffe and seeing the reflection in the mirror. I had my camera with me and it turned out pretty good. He is such a cute little guy.

We went to the basketball game tonight - MSU Bobcats beat Portland State. I missed a couple games while down with the flu bug so it was good to see everyone again tonight. We sit with a group of folks we really enjoy.