Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What is happening here . . .

Bob got home late Monday night so yesterday we just caught up with each other.  He had been out in Portland helping our son with a bathroom remodel in a new little house he just purchased.  They had a great time.

I did get some quilting done on this piece of reverse applique that has been waiting for some finishing.  I did some quick machine quilting and will now look at it for a while on my design wall.  I think I want to add some hand embroidery and some beading before I bind it.  And then I am thinking I want to mount it on another quilt from the stripe that I have mounted behind it here.  That stripe is also one of the layers in the reverse applique.  I will just stare at it for a a couple days and move on to a piecing/sewing project while I wait for the next words for direction.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

OK - 2 months later - And now - I am REALLY back.

A quick couple of updates first -

Walker continues with the chemo every month or so.  He is in Denver now with his second session. It is tough on the little guy and it breaks my heart that he has to go through this but he is a tough little guy.  Here is a picture his mom took while in the hospital on Thursday morning getting ready for the day long chemo process.

It hit me about 2 weeks before Christmas that I was needing to prioritize my deep desires to work on my art in my studio instead of lamenting about not having time for art.  Easy to do.  Just get up early and try for a couple hours each morning before the start of the day.  Just like the days when I was a single mom raising my sons and working.  If I wanted time for myself, and I did, I got up at 5 and had a couple hours to myself before the start the busy morning.  Just like that.  

It is working.  I will post some pictures now as I work on various things.  This Thursday, I finished my quilted piece, "Fire Walk".  It is about my feelings - how I feel when I think of the chemo in Walker's little body.  I have shared it with some friends - some saw see trees, some saw women dancing - I saw nothing just felt turmoil and pain as I quilted.  It was great therapy.

Here are some pictures. . .