Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally found it . . . my little camera that is

Yesterday the little guys were here and because I finally found my little camera, I took a couple pictures. Walker is 10 months and Weston is 4 and a half. I pick Walker up in the morning after my walk in the mall (soon will be walking outside I hope) and then pick Weston up about noon from his preschool. Walker goes home with his Mom about 3 and Weston stays for an evening of play and supper with us. So we got a few pictures yesterday. They both have the beautiful dark eyes with long eyelashes but they are so different - and both so much fun.

We got back on our "house duty" routine this week and I have to admit - it is really working well - it is even kind of fun. Just thought I would add a note that our routine is a success! We have some "do every week" duties, some "do every other week" and some "do once a month". So far, so good. I will have to admit, Bob is much better at vacuuming than I am - I think my talent is more in the "dusting" and "scrubbing" area.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where did the time go . . .

We have had a busy week and I am not keeping up with my blog updates. But here is a quick update of the past week - and then maybe I will do better.

We left for Portland last Tuesday to take Meagan home. We stayed in Spokane that night and then went on to Portland. We had a quick one day stay and had to get right back. We loved our time with Meagan there, but had made plans here that we also wanted to enjoy for the weekend.

It is snowing here today - again! I am wondering when spring is going to arrive, but I know it will someday. So, just enjoy, huh?