Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally found it . . . my little camera that is

Yesterday the little guys were here and because I finally found my little camera, I took a couple pictures. Walker is 10 months and Weston is 4 and a half. I pick Walker up in the morning after my walk in the mall (soon will be walking outside I hope) and then pick Weston up about noon from his preschool. Walker goes home with his Mom about 3 and Weston stays for an evening of play and supper with us. So we got a few pictures yesterday. They both have the beautiful dark eyes with long eyelashes but they are so different - and both so much fun.

We got back on our "house duty" routine this week and I have to admit - it is really working well - it is even kind of fun. Just thought I would add a note that our routine is a success! We have some "do every week" duties, some "do every other week" and some "do once a month". So far, so good. I will have to admit, Bob is much better at vacuuming than I am - I think my talent is more in the "dusting" and "scrubbing" area.

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featheredfibers said...

Carol, they are adorable!! Sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying them.