Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year . . .

It seems like a strange New Years Day!  We didn't stay up to see the New Year enter and we didn't go anywhere last night to celebrate.   We have had a very relaxed day.  I came down with some kind of bug right after Christmas and am finally feeling better.  I actually did some baking and cooking today to use up some temptaions I had here that I didn't get done before Christmas. 

I made some great apple-pecan waffles for breakfast with real whipped cream.  We always have apples and the pecans are left over from the cookie baking before Christmas. I also never keep whipping cream around so got rid of that. 

I also made some cranberry/orange/apple/pecan chutney and a pan of "Magic Bars".  Those Magic Bars make short use of lots of chocolate chips, coconut, sweetened condensed milk. - and more pecans.  I am thinking most of the temptation is now out of the house and I will freeze those little temptations for when the grands come to visit.

We also had our usual own version of "Velveeta Queso" with hamburger for watching the Rose Bowl.  It is similar to this recipe.  Now that is done as well.  I made a small batch and it is gone - and that is good.  I don't have to buy or eat Velveeta for another year. 

So - tomorrow it is back to Weight Watchers and getting started with dropping some pounds again.  It seems I just keep losing a few pounds and then during "special times " finding them.  And, those special times seem to come more and more often.  Life must be really good, huh?  I am going to try to lose them again and I like Weight Watchers online. 

The Christmas decorations are still up and will remain until the Epiphany. I started this last year because I really like the peace and quiet of the lights and decorations and wanted more time to enjoy them and reflect on this joyful event.  It works!

I love New Years Day.  I am looking forward to a great year!