Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wonderful times. . .

Our son and his family got moved into their house last month and Bob and I survived the horrible cold that hung on for a couple weeks.  Walker had a clear scan that showed he is still NED and that was great news!   The snow and cold continued.  That was January.

Yesterday and today I took a precious metal jewelry class - silver.  The instructor, Beth Gregory, was amazing.

I came away with a beautiful pendant, new earrings that I made yesterday and two rings that I made today.

Wonderful weekend.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year -

Our kids are here with us as they get ready to move into their new home being finished.  Walker spends most of his day here with us resting and getting stronger with each day.

My guiding word for this year is "activate".  First I thought I would choose "resolute" but realized it is too reactionary for me - like I would be strong in response to something happening for which I would need to remain strong.   "Activate" fits better - it works in my art, my stitiching, my family, my travels, my focus on caring and my commitment to remain vigilant and strong.  Get moving, get it done, and enjoy each moment.  Activate for 2017.