Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Road trip . . .

First - a heart felt "thank you" to those who have served in our military and given so much so that we could enjoy our life in this beautiful country. 

Yesterday Bob and I drove from Bozeman to Fort Benton and the Montana round trip is about 470 miles give or take a couple.  We try to do the trip every year for Memorial Day, but we usually take a couple days so we can spend a bit more time here and there along the way.  This year there is a lot going on so we decided to be tough, leave early, and make it a day trip.  I love road trips!

All of my grandparents and my dad are buried at the cemetery in Fort Benton as well as lots of other family.  So we go - we place some flowers - share good memories and feel the love.

I found some "lemon pie" yellow petunias so I had to put those near dad's marker.  He loved lemon pie!

We went into the little town of Fort Benton and had lunch at "The Freeze" - a little ice cream shop with outdoor tables and hamburgers.  Across the main street from our little lunch table is the Missouri River.  Lots of history in Fort Benton and we decided that in a couple weeks, after some of our busy life settles down, we are going to head back up there for a few days.  I lived near Fort Benton on a farm until I was about 12 so it is always fun to go back.  I love Fort Benton!

On the journey home,  you get on I-15 south at Great Falls.  It was already late and there were miles to go.   When we got to the beginning of Wolf Creek Canyon we got off the interstate and took the old highway through the canyon.  It was gorgeous.  By the time we were in Helena, the rains had started.  We stopped to place some flowers on the graves of Bob's parents in Helena at the old, old Forestvale Cemetery.  Another area rich in the memories and history of our beautiful Montana.  I love Montana!

After our long ride we enjoyed a quick, but good, supper with Helena friends, Ken and Laurena.   We hadn't seent them since a lunch we shared the end of March in Parker, AZ/  Laurena and I have been friends since we were freshman in college - 50 years this fall.  I love my friends!

It rained and rained all the way home.  This morning we are tired and glad to be home.  I expected to see a leprechaun peek from behind one of the big trees in the back yard.  All of the rain makes this place so green.  I love being home!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Heading to HMQS

Tomorrow morning early I am going to leave for Salt Lake City - well Sandy actually - and enjoy 3 days at the Home Machine Quilting Show.  I have done very little quilting for the past 4+ years and I have not attended a major show in that same time.  Life has gotten in the way - some good - some not so good.  But I am now going to enjoy some time basking in the fun of beautiful quilts, wonderful teachers, classes, and great vendor offerings.

Five years ago my friend Gail and I won first place at this show in the theme category with this quilt.  I had found my passion.  I then started on my next show quilt and it is still not finished.  I would love to get back to it and my soul tells me that now might be the time. I sure hope so. 

So - off to Salt Lake City - a 7 hour road trip!!!!  And a new road in my journey - I hope.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo . . .

I hope you had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo.  We had a relaxing day here and I spent most of the day in my studio.  We had our favorite beef burrito smoothered with green chili for supper tonight.  I made the fresh salsa yesterday and I got a really good "do" on it. 

Last week was busy but I did finally get a art quilt piece finished.  I have worked on it off and on for too long.  I finally trimmed it, used facing to finish the edges and attached it to an artist's canvas that I had painted black.  I like how it turned out. 


Later this week I am heading off to Salt Lake City for HMQS - a wonderful machine quilting show.  I have gone before, but did not go last year.  I am so excited!  I have sighed up for a few classes and it will be 4 days "on my own".