Friday, January 29, 2010

Another vacation . . .

Twelve hours and 750 miles later and I am in Portland, OR. I came by myself as we had an issue again with frozen pipes. That new boiler system is just not designed for a nine sided house with sections that hang over the foundation. Bob thought he has this solved, but he wasn't comfortable leaving it and I wanted to get here to celebrate that special grand daughters 6th birthday tomorrow.

So I got up early, packed the car and headed west on I-90 to Missoula then on to Spokane and to Portland. You can see it on the map - just click on it and it will enlarge. The roads were good and there was no snow after leaving Montana. I love to drive. I run my iPod through the speaker system of the car (that is the LilyB, you know) and I listened to some great pod casts and favorite music. I have a couple audio books I wanted to listen to as well, but never got to them as there was so much listening to do.

We decided to stay in a hotel when we were all coming as we were bringing Kassie - our Scotty dog. She stayed home with Bob, but I decided to just stay in the hotel anyway so Meagan can swim after I pick her up from school. I brought a couple projects that we can do together and then have dinner with Roy after he gets off work and spend some fun time at their house. It is all good!

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