Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day Six - busy vacation

This is a busy vacation. I cleaned cupboards in my studio this morning. I wanted to rearrange things so I could get out of the habit of doing my online reading and writing with the computer on my lap. I think this new arrangement will work. At least it looks better as before you couldn't see the top of this area - it was covered with paper and books.

Then I hauled a portable table up to the entry area room just before going into my studio to set up a small place to make some cards. I want to try some more stamping. I did some several years ago and enjoyed it and I think it is something I could take with me. As much as I love a stash of fabric, I am not into collecting a bunch of stamping stuff - or so I say now. I have some distinct ideas in mind and I think this area will work just fine. Besides there is a large oval table on the opposite wall that is not far away so I can set projects there once they are done.

This afternoon, I headed out for my second "artist date" - you know the one recommended from the book I am reading, "The Artist's Way". There are links in previous posts for more info on that book. I haven't really started doing anything except the morning pages and the artist's dates - that may be as far as I get. So today, I headed to Cost Plus World Market for some shopping and took my sketch pad for some drawing. It is kind of like Pier One married Target and this is their offspring. I had a good hour and a half there. I had never been there before. I wanted to get this little teapot set for tea parties with Weston. He likes tea parties. Now I think I will have to go back and get another one for Meagan for her birthday. And then I found these cute Pez with the fun Disney characters. I love them - but I promise I will give them to the grand kids. Of course there were a few more items in my cart, but most of the time I spent studying possible quilting designs.

I then ran over to Target to see if they had the Hello Kitty sewing machine - they didn't. But while I was there I picked out some cute outfits for the new twins in the family. Twin boys were born 10 days ago to my great niece (my brother's grand daughter) in Arizona. They were a bit early and each weight just over 4 pounds. I think they are heading home soon and seem to be doing really well. I found the little sleepers for now - or maybe in a month or so and something for a bit later. I hope we can see them when we head south next month. They are identical and the pictures of them are amazing. That makes me a great great aunt. How can that be?

To end the evening, I ended up here at Sola Cafe with my art group. The food here is amazing - I had a salad that I can't even explain, except that it had fennel in it with sugared hazelnuts. Oh, my! I have not gone in a while and the work they shared was wonderful. I wish I had taken my camera to show some of the exquisite work. I need to go more often. I always feel inspired when I am there, but I know, in reality, that kind of beautiful work takes hours and hours.

This 6th day of vacation was a busy one. Tomorrow it is off to Helena (100 miles away) to do some paper dyeing with shaving cream with my friend and have lunch to plan our "heading south" next month. She and her hubby have a 5th wheel and are "experienced" at this RV stuff.

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