Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good Day . . .

First - here is a cute picture that Weston took Christmas eve. He was using my new digital camera. The flash was off so it is dark, but he wanted to take a picture of "the ladies" - my Mom, my DIL and my SIL - sitting at the counter. I like the picture. He loved having everyone here and everyone let him help them open each present. When he came back last week, he pranced in and then went into the living room where we have the big tree and came back with that amazed look and asked, "Where did everyone go?" He was ready for more.

I never sleep late, but this morning we had to leave the house at 8 and I slept until 7:30. That makes it tough to shower and get a "face on" for the public appearance. It seems to take longer each year to get prepared for an outing. We took our good friends Jesse and Diane out to breakfast at Chico Hot Springs. It was our way of helping Diane celebrate her retirement after 30+ years from Montana State University. Chico is a great place to eat and it was a gorgeous drive down the Paradise Valley that leads to Yellowstone Park.

If you have a minute, hit the links to see where we were today.

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