Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day One at the Lodge . . .

I have always wanted to go away for a 2 week vacation. You know the kind, where you can do whatever you want . . . sleep late, eat whatever, read books, sew if you want, go shopping. I have never really wanted to spend two weeks at the beach. A swimming suit is not my most flattering attire. But, I have always wanted to spend two weeks in the mountains. Well, it dawned on me that I kind of live in the mountains. I mean lots of people come to Bozeman, MT and pay big bucks to have a two week vacation here. So, I live here. I am pretending that I am on vacation in a house in the mountains . . . a lodge maybe. Of course the lodge is really this house. We do have a huge rock fireplace, does that count? Well I will pretend!

I have been writing my morning pages from "The Artist's Way". I can't begin to tell you the calm I am feeling inside. I know some have morning quiet time to meditate and this may be something similar for me. It is a good time - being on vacation - to read this book and start through the weekly activities.

We have these two weeks before we head to Portland on the 28th for Meagan's big 6th birthday. That will be a wonderful way to end a vacation - with a trip to see Meagan. Between now and then, we don't have anywhere we "have to go" and we can enjoy our time here as we want.

I did get more done on the Irish Chain. Hoke is doing the Celtic knot and I like it. This pattern is from "Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio". The CC is freehand and I have only done that with the cream thread. I will go back through and do all of the green blocks when I change to green thread and that will settle in the outside edges better. It has been a relaxing way to spend some time today.

I am still thinking on the "art" or "craft" discussion. I have read some interesting views from others on the "QuiltArt" discussion board. I am just not sure.

My prayers are with the people of Haiti - especially the children.


Anonymous said...

i definitely want to come for a two week stay at your "lodge". even a 2 day stay would be great. :)

Carol said...

You can come anytime for any number of days. How about quilting retreat? This "old lodge" has a couple rooms for guests and there is a B & B across the next field.