Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 8: The crocheted dress

It is getting excited around here as we are heading to Portland a week from today. We have not been there in 6 months. Meagan is going to be 6. These two pictures are of me and then Meagan a few decades later in the same little crocheted dress. Mom made the dress for me. I love these two pictures so much. I hope she enjoys having the dress someday for her own granddaughter.

Bob and I went out to lunch today and then on to the little town of Belgrade. Our Habitat for Humanity is located in Belgrade and we took some stuff to donate. We are planning to volunteer there this spring - hopefully one day a week at least.

It was a very productive day here - lots of quilting for me. I love it!!!

I stopped off at a quilt shop to get some fabric for a little fun, quick quilt I want to make. More on that later. I will need to burn some mid-night oil to get it done on time.

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Anonymous said...

wow. that dress is a real treasure to pass through the generations. love the photos.