Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day Four - As good as it gets . . .

We had Weston and Walker out overnight as I said on my post last night. They are so much fun. Walker and I got up early - he was really hungry and so we had some time together before anyone else got up . . . here is a cute picture of his amazing smile after his tummy was full.

Stan and Rainy came out to pick them up and we had breakfast together here before they all left mid-day. Bob and I then watched the Vikings play the Cowboys. We are basically Denver Bronco fans - they didn't make the playoffs, so I was cheering for the Vikings today.

Late this afternoon, we took dinner over to our neighbors. He had a knee replaced last Tuesday and he loves Chinese food so we did the "carry out" thing for them. They are not only neighbors - across the field - but she and I have been friends since college days. It was a nice visit and I am glad he is doing amazingly well.

Another wonderful day . . . almost as good as that smile on Walker's face!

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful smile on that one!