Friday, January 15, 2010

Day Two . . . Aren't Vacations Wonderful?

It was a really nice vacation day. We spent a little more time than normal over our breakfast and then I went into town to do some errands and wash my car. I ran into a group of our "basketball friends" at Costco and we had a great visit - laughed that things are not good when Costco is our social outing. We have had more gorgeous weather - more like March than January. I didn't get all of the stuff I needed so we went back into town again after supper.

I am looking at little sewing machines and hope to get one for Meagan for her birthday. I want something that can actually sew, but is fun as well. Any suggestions? I have looked at this one at Target today - it is a "Miss Kittie". I am going to keep looking.

I am getting into making some Valentine cards so I will be "practiced" for when we head to Portland. Meagan and I are going to make Valentines. I have enjoyed the cards on this site, Papertrey Ink. One of the site owners and designers has this wonderful blog that has lots of ideas. It is just perfect for me. I like their stamps and the cards seem clean and classy.

There was a little interesting event today on one of the quilting discussion boards. Those who participate in this particular board are willing to share a ton of talent and be kind and respectful. But there are always one or two who take great joy in being critical for no purpose and passing it off as a legitimate "critique" to help others make wise purchasing decisions or to assist others in understanding copyright violations. As much as I have come to enjoy this particular board, I will not be visiting there much anymore. Thankfully the world is full of choices. . .

I am off to set up a "stamping station" in the outer room of my studio area. Oh - one last thing - Costco is taking donations for the Red Cross for Haiti. Every dollar there goes to the Red Cross just as the texting option.

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