Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day three - vacation is getting better.

You know how sometimes when you are on vacation you get renewed energy - energy you would like to use to do things at home, things that would be a great help, but you aren't home? Well we are home. When we moved this boiler last summer into unfinished storage room in the garage, it left the "boiler room" empty. The boiler room is an unfinished small room that housed the boiler (we have hot water heat) and the water heater. With that gone, it has been empty. I have said I would love to have it finished and have shelving put in for storage of appliances we use only on occasion. This old boiler room is off the area we call the "back entry" which connects with the garage. (This is kind of an unusual house.) Bob agreed that would be a great storage area, but getting it finished was not at the top of the "to do" list. So today, we decided to add portable shelves in there. Now, I have a place for the bread maker, the food processor, large electric fry pan, 2 boxes of margarita glasses (we use them a couple times a summer only), crock pots, and so forth. It may not be fancy, but it will provide lots of storage for things that are not stuck here and there or on the counter tops. Funny how a vacation can renew energy.

And - the best part of the day. . . guess who came to dinner? That is right - Weston and Walker came out this evening to have dinner with us and to stay over night. Walker is crawling around all over so he is fun to keep track of and Weston just loves being here. We watched the movie, "The Incredibles" for the umpteenth time as it was on the Disney Channel. It is a good movie! Weston starts out the night in "his room" - it is actually the bedroom that Bob uses as an office now, but we have a daybed there that is Weston's. Sometime in the middle of the night, he will come crawl in bed with us. Walker sleeps through the night in his portacrib. It will be a good night, but it will seem short come morning.

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