Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 9 - Vacation Continues

Tonight we are watching the "Hope for Haiti Now" - amazing and I know we can help by giving. We are giving what we can here.

Walker was out this morning and then we met Rainy at Weston's school and did the trade off so Walker went with his Mom and Weston came with us. We went to Costco for our "retirement lunch" which is a hot dog and drink for a buck fifty. Weston couldn't believe you could sit down and eat at Costco. We introduced him to the tables with the umbrellas - he thought that was fun to have umbrellas inside. I don't know how he had missed it.

We had our tea party - with hot chocolate - this afternoon with the new "teapot and cups". Weston really liked changing out the tea for hot chocolate.

No pictures today - not even old ones. This grandma is tired and heading up to sew for an hour after this show is over.

Our big snow storm predicted is starting to arrive - it is the moisture from California meeting the cold air - could get deep.

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