Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 7 - Oh, no - it is half way over.

The wonderful "two week vacation at the lodge" is almost half way over. This is a picture of the sunrise this morning. It was like the sky was on fire. I took this right out our front door.

We went to Helena today for a wonderful day of visiting with our friends there. Here is a nice picture of our state capitol building that we drove by while we visited the little city. Those leaves are still on the trees because the first freeze and snow hit while they were still green last fall and they never turned and dropped off. Laurena and I did some shaving cream paper dyeing for some cards we are making. We then all went out for a long, long lunch to share ideas of best ways to get to Arizona and then where we should stay.

Bob and I stopped to look at a few used car lots on our way home. We are looking for a little pickup to tow with Gus. We have a little old, old pickup (25+ years old) that we use to haul garbage and other stuff. It doesn't go very far ever. It is so decrepit that it might come apart in pieces if we towed it. We laugh at the image of the yellow pickup pieces dropping off all the way there - like a trail of crumbs. At least we could find our way home and that might be important!

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