Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Art or craft?

I read this article with Harrison Ford in the Parade magazine that comes in our Sunday paper. Do you get this little insert in your Sunday paper? I like Harrison Ford, but what caught my mind in the article was the two paragraphs about him working on his craft as a carpenter and an actor. It has stuck with me. I have been thinking about my quilting all week. I want to be better at my craft. Do you consider yourself a craftsman or an artist? Or, is it one in the same? Or, does one lead to the other? Lots of thinking this week on this one.

I did get some work on my craft today. I upgraded Hoke with the latest version of the IQ software and gave Miss Daisy a spa treatment. I continue to be amazed with how wonderful the IQ is. I have only begun to touch all that it can do. And then we went into town for all afternoon to do some shopping and a hospital visit with our neighbor who has a new knee. He is doing great! I didn't get back to it until this evening. But, I did get a little start - working on my craft.

I have 14 more days to do whatever I want in my studio. . . quilt. . . make cards . . . sew . . . work on my class. . . whatever! We are heading to Portland in 14 days. I am thinking of this as a long vacation at the lake - without the lake. We are not needing to be anywhere or do anything - just whatever I want in my studio - and I mean whatever - no deadlines. I can't remember when I had such luxury!

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Judy Whitehead said...

Art or craft? Both! If what I'm doing is to someone else's vision/requirements, than I pull out every single skill set I have as a "craftsman". If what I'm doing is to my own voice and vision, then I pull out every single skill set I have as an "artist". Interesting this is they are the same skill sets.