Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So - what is good about all of this snow?

You just have to see this picture to know. It is our son, Stan, and his son, Weston.

Weston and Walker were out again today. We took a "field trip" to Michael's. I love to go to Michael's, but have never taken the grandsons there and it is quite a wonderful experience. They see totally different things - fun things - and not all of them are expensive. The big hit today were whistles - several different kinds and we bought a couple. From Michael's, Grandpa and I took the little guys to Burger King - or Booger King as Weston fondly calls it. Then we came home for a nap for Walker and some quiet time for Weston.

Being as the pictures yesterday were of Weston - today I want to be sure I have one of Walker. He is 17 months, talks all the time in short sentences, runs, climbs on everything, eats with a spoon and fork, and loves to take his nap. We have had two wonderful days with these very special little people. We are blessed - and very, very tired!

Tomorrow - there is a buffet lunch for the neighborhood women's club to kick off Christmas celebrations and I need to get up early and make some twice baked potatoes before I have to run in to town for a quick dentist's appointment. I get my invisalign trays changed every three weeks and it is time again.

But - Thursday - I am back in my studio - come "hell or high water" as Dad would have said. Life is grand!

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Janna and Mike said...

Life is certainly grand, Carol--those grand babies are beautiful.