Friday, November 12, 2010

We have many blessings . . .

Today Bob and I did our first driving route to deliver bags of groceries to seniors. We selected a route in a nearby town - about 20 miles from where we live. When we arrived at the food bank, it was bustling so we quickly got some directions and a list of delivery addresses. At every house, people were so appreciative and kind. It was a good morning and one we will do again next month. Now that we have everyone found, we will even do better.

It has been almost a year since Dad passed and I know he would have enjoyed this grocery delivery as well. I thought a lot about him today. He ran a small "grocery/clothing/everything" store when I was in high school in a small, western town here in Montana. This is a picture of that same store now - it looked a bit different then. It was all painted and the front windows were the large "store front" type windows then. Of course, I looked a bit different then as well - LOL - after all it was 50 years ago. I loved delivering the groceries every day at 4:30 around that little town. once I got my drivers license. Dad trusted me with the pickup to do that and I was only 15 with a brand new drivers license. I miss my dad.

It is also time for the Christmas Cactus to begin blooming. It blooms from the first of November through April with the heaviest blossoms coming right around Christmas and again in March. This plant was started from a plant that belonged to my grandmother whom I never knew. She was Dad's mom and she passed when he was in his early teenage years. One of my cousins started it for me from the original plant that his mother, my aunt, had. I remember it as a child and I love it every year.

Also, remember the geraniums that I brought in from outside? Well, with a little TLC, they are still blooming and I am still loving the two colors together.

It was a day filled with very special blessings.


Janna and Mike said...

The geraniums are gorgeous--mine are blooming, too after you inspired me to bring them inside. Where is the town in which your Dad owned the grocery store--Mike was trying to figure it out by the photo.

Carol said...

Janna - the town is Augusta. We lived there while I was in junior and senior high. Before that Dad owned a farm near Virgelle. My parents moved to Helena after I graduated high school in Augusta where Dad then worked as a "landman" for the state and later an appraiser. Thank you for visiting - I sure enjoyed our lunch on Thursday.