Monday, November 15, 2010

Good friends, good lunch, fun quilting . . .

I spent some time sewing and trying out some new patterns on my IQ. I am making that table topper and used two patterns designed by Ronda Beyer for sale at Intelligent Quilting here.

I used the Bohemian Tulip Frame and the Bohemian Tulip Motif 1. The little topper will be about 40 inches square so I centered the frame and then centered the motif inside. I want to use some rays between the motif and the frame and then use a fill around the outer edge of the frame. It is one of those projects that just take on a life of its own as I work on it. But I am so impressed with these digitized designs.

The thread is metallic gold and at first I thought I would use additional colors, but I am thinking now I will just use gold metallic for the center rays and an off white for the outer edge. I am blown away by how elegant these designs stitch out. They are just beautiful. I had to post several pictures just because I am amazed. Heck, I am amazed to just watch Hoke drive Miss Daisy with such perfection. I know I am supposed to go about doing other things, but unless I really get tough with myself, I just sit, smile and watch.

I also met a good friend for lunch in downtown Bozeman. We had great, spicey pasta at the Naked Noodle. You can order any kind of pasta and choose all kinds of toppings. I ordered one of the signature dishes called "The Gaucho" which is a chipotle cream sauce over a cavatoppi pasta tossed with corn, black beans, peppers and scallions. You can then select additional toppings and they recommended fried spinach. It was delicious and I am still full. If you get to Bozeman, MT - be sure to try this place. Betty and I try to meet up here about once a month for some good food and a time to catch up. Even though we are neighbors out here, we don't get to visit as often as we like. Today was the day!

More sewing and quilting tomorrow.

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Janna and Mike said...

Those designs are fabulous Carol! Very impressive.