Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fun with Hoke . . .

I took some time this afternoon to give my A1 quilting machine a really good cleaning and then I snapped on my IQ, a computerized robot to drive the quilting machine. I wanted try some new motifs and patterns. I love the IQ as it is a tablet computer that rides on the front of my quilting machine which is an A1. The IQ is light and the A1 is very smooth so they work well together. I loaded a small piece of natural muslin so I can make sure it all works before I do the table topper I mentioned a couple days ago. And, as usual, my IQ and A1 work beautifully together doing whatever I want.

Really, I just wanted to play a little bit today. The first picture is from the side showing both the IQ and the A1. When I got the A1 a few years back, I named it "Miss Daisy" so I could be "driving Miss Daisy". Then when I got the IQ a couple years later, I named it Hoke who really did drive Miss Daisy in the movie. It is fun to just play!

You can see the pattern on the screen and watch Hoke drive Miss Daisy stitching out whatever pattern is selected. I can also change the motifs and record my own if I want. Sometimes I do forget how much I love my quilting. I have so many blessings.


Paula and Mel said...

I just discovered your blog, throughTin TeePee's blog. What a beautiful blog you have.
Your quilting is gorgeous. I am a new quilter and I am learning so much from reading the blogs. I do wonder, and no one ever mentions the batting they use. I have completed 3 quilts so far. In all I have used warm and natural. I love my quilts but I wonder how I can get fluffier quilts. The longarmer I have quilt them only uses the warm and natural. Is there a batting that would give that fluffier feel and look?
I appreciate your time.

Carol said...

The batting in this sampler is a mid-loft poly batting which I don't normally use, but it is fluffier. I usually use Hobbs 80/20 or if I want more loft a wool batting. I think this sample looks like there is more loft because of the side lighting when I took the picture. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back again.

Janna and Mike said...

OK, you didn't tell me you had IQ, now I am envious! Almost done with the quilt that was giving me fits, on to better and more fun things!