Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy weekend . . .

Well, what have we been doing - besides eating lots of turkey - since Thanksgiving?

The pics on the side here are of Weston today. Since he was first able to walk, he has loved the little remote to turn on lights outside. It hangs on a hook by the door and he has always gone and picked it off the hook and then returned it at the end of his stay. Walker liked to get it as well, but he never put it back and we never knew where it ended up so we had to put it up higher. Today, Walker was sleeping and the remote was hung back on the old hook so Weston had to take it for a bit. Things he has loved doing here since he was a baby are still high on his list. It is funny he likes it because now he has hand held gaming toys and can run the Wii like a pro. But this simple little remote is still close to his heart.

It seems there has been lots going on and I have not taken my camera anywhere. I need to get lots better with that. We had a wonderful day with Stan, Rainy, Weston and Walker on Thanksgiving Day. The company, the food and the drink were the best!

Friday I worked in my studio most of the day - some organizing, some quilting and some piecing - no pictures to share, but I will get some new ones soon. I did miss the Black Friday shopping - on purpose. I picked up a few bargains online - added some to that today.

Saturday, we finally checked Gus out of the RV hospital. The refrigerator had gone kaput clear back in September before we went out to Washington and Oregon. At first, the extended service people said they would not cover the repair, but Bob worked with them in his nice, persistent way. They looked at it again and agreed to cover the expense. The RV repair place here could not get all the parts in but finally everything was ready for the repair and Bob took Gus out there a couple weeks ago. And then the RV place had trouble with two techs - one quit - the other one was out sick for a week. And you know what happened to the weather - a foot of snow and 20 below zero. Well Saturday morning Gus was ready to get out so Bob took him to the place where he is going to spend the next 3 months inside.

We watched a ton of football over the weekend which means I did a lot of handwork - mostly hand stitching bindings on a bunch of placemats I have made in the past few months. We enjoyed the Hallmark show last night, "November Christmas". Sam Elliott is one of my favorites.

And then, the little guys were out today. They will also be here tomorrow for a few hours. I will do better with more pictures - promise!

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