Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting colder . . .

It is getting much colder here - snow tonight, cooler temps and by the middle of next week it is supposed to be below zero over night for several nights. I had hoped to go over to Missoula (200 miles west) and pick up my mom for Thanksgiving on Tuesday and then have her stay a few days here with us. With the weather we may put that visit on hold for a bit. She lives in a senior apartment complex with activities, meals provided, lots of friends and loves it so she has lots to keep her busy.

The little guys were here today - all day - loved every minute. Weston and I made cards, watched "The Incredibles" movie (a favorite), and played lots of make believe games. One of the best games is to put all of the pillows from the couches in the living room on the floor and then roll around on them - Weston loves to show Walker how to do that. Here is a cute picture of Walker playing "hide and seek" by hiding his head under the coffee table and then peeking up at me. Weston was helping me take the pictures.

I ordered some ultrasuede for a quilt I am trying to finish - have been trying to finish for years - determined now, but it needed something different from my original design. I used to have a store I ordered ultrasuede from in Colorado, but they are no longer in business. I have swatches from when I used to use a lot of ultrasuede. When I ordered, I couldn't find the swatches and the pink that I ordered will be good for what I need, but the green is not bright enough. I may not need the green anyway so it will be okay. The green star blocks are not sewn together and the folded ultrasuede is on the lower right. I think I know where this is going now, but sometime I just need to quit making changes and get it finished even if it never gets quilted.

Saturday we are having some friends come in to watch the Bobcat-Grizzly football game with us. The game starts at noon. It is the cross-state rivalry between Montana State University here in Bozeman and the University of Montana in Missoula. The University is usually the winner and I enjoy the first quarter, then I don't like to watch our Bobcats lose. I hope it is different this year, but I am not holding my breath as the game is in Missoula and they usually win at home.

Also - basketball season for the university has started and we will go to a boys b-ball game tomorrow night. Lots of sports this weekend.

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Janna and Mike said...

How much snow did you get overnight?? We have almost a foot--why aren't I in Arizona. Oh, well, good quilting weather!