Thursday, May 5, 2011

more news. . .

Here is a picture of the area where the dishwasher was and the range is moved out as there was also water damage behind it. We were advised to tape off the area because there is mold. The dishwasher has been moved totally out of the kitchen. We will soon move the range out for storage until we get things fixed.

Today the insurance adjuster came to survey the kitchen situation. She assured us we do have mold coverage to a good limit in our policy and coverage for repairing water damage. That is good news. But she also said the company's decision to cover this depends on a clause that references if this was a recurring or ongoing problem. That means we should have known sooner that the water was leaking from the motor shaft/pump area of the dishwasher. Now that is pretty tough. How often do you pull out your dishwasher to see if it is leaking from the motor shaft/pump area in the back. We did not notice this until the wall on the backside showed the first signs of being wet and that was on Sunday when Bob then pulled out the dishwasher (not as easy as you might think) and called it in on Monday.

But, it could be interesting. An appraiser from a local restoration company also came while she was here. We had an appointment for Monday, but she called him and he came sooner. That is a good thing. He could determine where the areas were wet with a tool he used - including under the existing tile. In order to return the area to required standards of repair and restoration, his recommendation is to move out the lower cupboards on both sides which means to remove the counter top. The counter top is "l-shaper", large and done in one piece so it would have to be cut for removal. The subfloor is wet under the row of tile closest to the dishwasher and range opening. That means remove tile and since it can't be matched, it would mean removing all of the tile which is in the entire kitchen and through the back butler kitchen area. So this half of the kitchen would need to be removed to the subfloor to make sure the water damage is restored and the mold removed. Some areas of subfloor may need to be replaced. The area behind the dishwasher and range is a regular wall and the sheetrock on both sides will need to be removed and replaced. We should know by next week what the decisions will be. Until then - the plastic is in place and we have some thinking to do. And - no cooking.

Tomorrow our little grandson, Walker, comes to visit and it is safe. So we will enjoy our time with him. Life is interesting, huh?

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Janna and Mike said...

Jeez, you may get a whole new kitchen out of this leak???