Sunday, May 1, 2011

And the saga continues. . .

Whew - it is Sunday and what a blessing that is.

I will be quick about an update on the past 4 days.

Wednesday - Mom and I looked at condos here for her to consider in her thinking about moving here from her senior living apartment in Missoula. We found several that she liked and one in particular that she thought she really wanted. She seemed to be really excited about the move.

We had the Australian family here for supper on Wednesday evening and invited in some neighbors who wanted to meet them as they had spent lots of time in Australia. It was a fun night and supper was simple - soup in the crockpot, great bread from a local bakery, wonderful salad and cookies for dessert - all something I could gather ahead during the day so Mom and I could do the condo search right up until dinner time.

Thursday - Mom and I headed back to Missoula. She was so excited about the possibility of moving here into the lovely, new little place. When we got there we looked through her apartment to see what would go where. It would be fun to have her here and I think it would help us mend some wounds from the past 6 years.

I drove home through Helena and had supper with my good friend, Laurena. We talked "RV-ing" and "mom-ing". Good friends like that are few and far between. Then I drove home to Bozeman with the last 40 miles driving in a snow storm. Will the snow ever end?

Friday - Up early, early to watch the royal wedding live and then take Bob in for an upper GI endoscopy to check out a couple little issues. All is well there with only some medicine change - nothing serious, thank goodness.

We picked up Walker right after that to watch him in the afternoon and that evening we enjoyed a wonderful meal with our Australian guests in their motorhome. Another busy day.

Saturday - The Australians were planning to leave and Stan needed help getting his trailer out of storage. So Bob was off playing the RV assistant. Weston came out with his dad, but decided Grandma's house was more fun than moving RV's. It helped that there were three boys here riding bikes in the snow. Yes, it had snowed again overnight.

I called Mom to see how she was doing after her big decision to move over here. She had changed her mind and decided to stay in her senior apartment in Missoula. I was disappointed at first as I thought we could enjoy some good times together, but I want her to do whatever she feels is best for her. So, put those dreams away - again.

Then when the Aussie's big motorhome (41 feet) started to move out, it bogged down in the very wet ground as the sun had come out and everything is saturated. After some unsuccessful efforts to remove it from being stuck, a call was made again to AAA to send out the tow truck. They got off and all was well.

Bob and I then took Weston with us and picked up Stan and Walker to meet up with Rainy (who had gone to church) for supper. When we got home we noticed water marks near the baseboard on the family room side of the kitchen. So, Bob is spending the day pulling out the dishwasher and stove to see how extensive the damage is and to see what is the cause.

I am thinking it is a sign that the kitchen remodel is on . . . no sense putting money into new sub floor, etc. and then just put it back as usual. We will see.

Yes, it has been busy here - but is has been a wonderful week filled with lots of blessings.

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