Friday, May 13, 2011

Fast week .; . .

I am never sure how a week can go by so quickly.

Kitchen . . . The insurance will pay for returning the kitchen to the original status and that will mean new floors and probably new laminate counter tops if they can't get them out to remove the floor and wall section without having to cut them. We have had estimates on new cabinets, wood floor, and granite counter tops as well as tile like is there now and laminate. So we will see what we will decide. We will have the restoration company do the work to remove the water damaged areas and the mold as soon as possible - just had to wait for the insurance company decision. The mold area is totally taped off. Once we start the removal part, the kitchen will not be usable and if we order new cupboards we could be without a kitchen for two months.

The sickies . . . We had both little guys out here on Wednesday and they were both sick. Walker could not keep anything in and it came out both ends with gusto. I felt so sorry for the little guy as he just wanted to sit on Grandma's lap and snooze or cuddle. He was a sick little guy and here is is during one of his awake times on my lap. Weston was on the mend and doing better. But today, my big guy got it and he has been down all day - or should I say down until he has to make the bathroom dash. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am going to miss this one.

Quilting . . . I picked up a couple new customers this week and that will be fun. They are both beginners, but so nice and seem to be easy to please. I also put this little train quilt together this afternoon for Walker's 2nd birthday which is coming up soon. He is totally in love with trains and this was a panel. I thought I might find one of Thomas the Train, but this is the best I could do on short notice since i didn't know about the new train theme for the birthday party. The panel was an odd shape - long and narrow so I cut it apart and kind of framed each picture. The background is a polka dot. I have minkee for the backing. I need to get it loaded and quilted in the next day or so. I have some fun projects and quilts to quilt so time in my studio is lots of fun.

So - that is about it. Another busy week. A good one!

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