Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day . . .

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my Mom with Meagan taken about 7 years ago. Mom will be 90 in a couple weeks. She and I have built some wonderful bridges these past couple weeks during her visit here and after her time back in Missoula. It is the best Mother's Day to have my heart filled with love for her again . . . it has been too long in returning. Lots of blessings on this Mother's Day.

And there is more . . . the first picture is of my son, Stan, and his two boys, Walker and Weston. This was taken at Easter when we were all together here. Of course, there is another wonderful mother who makes this family tick and that is Rainy. Happy Mother's Day.

The second picture is of my son, Roy, and Meagan and I took this picture when we were there at Christmas. Meagan is now 7 and has changed a bit since that photo above. Roy is a single dad who sometimes has to do the work of the mom as well. He works hard to be the best and he succeeds. Happy Mother's Day.

So, all of this is why I enjoy this day.

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