Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another windy day . . .

This wind is endless - or so it seems. We rarely get wind in this valley so it is causing lots of damage with signs, trees, and electrical problems.

We had a very productive day - went out for breakfast first. Our kitchen is still out of commission so it was a nice change from the cold cereal we have been enjoying. More on the kitchen later in the week as we know more.

We worked on going through some stuff in the garage and started with a storage area. We are going to participate in a community garage sale on Saturday and we want to make a "workout" area in a room just off the garage. Bob also got the Corvette running - that might be some fun. It is a 1969 and he bought it new.

I got caught up this evening on the block of the month that I am working on in one of the longarm online groups. TV was pretty good and that always make the piecing go faster. I am using two different color groups. The first one is all batiks - reds, blacks, pinks, oranges with a pale blush batik for the background. The second set is made from a group of fabrics I have had for an eon - reproduction fabrics. We all started together in February and the churn dash is the block selected for this month. They are 12 inch blocks and I am hoping to get at least 9 of them done.

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Janna and Mike said...

Yep, I'm about tired of this wind too--too windy to put the top down yesterday on the convertible! How cool is that a 1969 Corvette!!!