Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthdays . . .

Friday we went over to Missoula to celebrate Mom's 90th birthday. We took her to lunch and had a good long visit which we all enjoyed. We are going to have a larger celebration for her this summer, but I wanted to be sure to celebrate the day and I am so glad we went.

Today we had another birthday celebration - we went to help Walker celebrate his big 2 year old birthday. His Grandpa Ross and Grandma Yvonne from Portland were also there to help celebrate. The "Grandpa Ross" was my first husband and is Stan's dad. I am glad he and Yvonne were able to be there. I am also really glad that they have been happily married for all of these years - and I am very happy that I have not been married to him for all of these years.

But it is okay that we are now able to have a nice family evening - short and cordial - always appropriate - there were a lot of years that would not have been possible. Time is such an amazing leveler - or maybe we just forget as we get older. It was a difficult divorce - I was young, left to raise two little boys, had no job, no self-esteem, and lots of public humiliation. With God's grace and support, we all made it. I thank Him every day.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal and watched Walker open his gifts. I made him this quilt - nothing fancy, but he loves trains and needs a new soft blanket to cuddle so I hope this one will get worn out from use. I used minkee on the back and brought it around for the binding. The batting is bamboo and it is so soft. I love it!

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