Tuesday, May 24, 2011

busy, soggy times . . .

It has rained hard here all day - again. It is supposed to break for a bit tomorrow afternoon and then start again through the holiday weekend with much cooler temps.

This first picture is a cute one of Bob with Walker on his shoulders at Walker's birthday party on Sunday. He is such a cute little guy with a definite mind of his own. The second picture is of Weston at his graduation tonight from preschool - with a big bite of cookie in his mouth. He has attended a Christian preschool this year and as part of the program, they each recited a Bible verse that went with a letter from the alphabet. He spoke his out loud, definite and clear. Afterwards he got to the cookie/treat table before any of us and came away with a plate loaded with 3 cookies and this cupcake. Grandpa thought he was going to share, but no dice. Weston made short work of most of each of them.

The samples are from work done yesterday regarding selections for the kitchen. I am going to order new cupboards and they are taking measurements again tomorrow morning. The flooring will be wood and the two samples I favor are shown here with the one on the right being my favorite. It is kind of "loud" with lots of value differences, but I like the way it pulls all of the woods together. The cabinets selections will be one of the three small wood samples - I have decided on a shaker style door, but have three estimates coming so I will see which I like best. This is the only granite sample I like from the many I have looked at. We found one more today to consider but I need to find a sample to bring home. I am not 100% sure I am going to have granite countertops yet. There are many laminates I really like and we have a small kitchen, but a lot of countertop with a large peninsula. One thing for sure, it is going to be a summer without a kitchen. They will start the removal process on June 14th and from then on, we be "roughing it" until early August I suspect. The first decision is the cupboards.

My prayers and love go out to the families in Joplin, MO as they begin the hard road of recovering from this tragedy. I have spent some time there in the past when I was traveling and teaching. It is a lovely area with the most wonderful people.

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