Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting ready . . .

I am getting mentally ready for 2011. I love this last day of the year. I fix an extra pot of coffee so I can really enjoy basking in good memories and thinking of the new year with the promise of good things coming.

I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions. Last year I chose "guiding words" and I liked that. I think I did a pretty good job of being more loving toward myself so I could then love others better. It has been easy to be proud of those I love. (I still think the vitamin D also helped. LOL)

This year I want one resolution - one thing to do each day no matter what. I will sew each day. It may be only sewing on a button or it may be hours in my studio. And I will keep record of it. Some of those records I will share here, but the sewing I do each day may not be "sharing material". The process of creating, repairing, completing with fiber is like warm oil for my soul. I must do it!

I am borrowing my version this from a wonderful quilter's blog I read and enjoy. Go to her blog here: Sister's Choice Quilts. Today she is sharing a summary of her work from the year and her New Year's Resolution for 2011. I admire her commitment to her art and craft.

So for the coming year:
1. I will continue embracing my guiding words of loving and proud.
2. I will sew something each day.

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