Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have been away from my quilting doing lots of "Granny Nanny"-ing on Monday and Tuesday and lots of gabbing and eating yesterday.

I needed a certain color of Kona cotton to finish a special quilt. I just couldn't find what I was looking for and I bought the fabricI have about 3 years ago. I bought plenty then, washed it and prepared it for the quilt. Somewhere, part of the fabric has disappeared. I couldn't remember the color name and then I found that Robert Kaufman makes a color chart of actual fabric pieces of every color of Kona cotton. I was so excited and ordered the chart. It came today and I just called a couple local shops and found the right color at one of our shops. It is so easy once I know what I need. LOL It takes so little to make me so happy, huh?

I did do a little more quilting - piecing and machine quilting - and I am in the process of getting a little more done on this little table topper. It is a learning piece so the errors aren't going to bother me one bit! Don't look too closely.

Tomorrow is a quick trip to town in the morning - one of my favorite clothing shops has a sale - 50% off the entire store. And then I am heading to the quilt shop to get my Kona fabric. I will sleep much better now knowing my problem has been solved.


Janna and Mike said...

Hey, I was in Bozeman today, who is having a 50% off sale???

Carol said...

Hi Janna - For my fluffy bod, it is CJ Banks - for the regular sizes, it is Christopher Banks - both in the mall. Come on over and shop, we can do lunch again.