Sunday, December 19, 2010

Portland for the week . . .

We are here. We got in yesterday afternoon after some really yukky roads between Spokane and Portland. There is no snow here and I hope it stays that way for the week, but there was snow all the way through the Columbia River Gorge. The roadways were clear and wet in the Gorge once we were down at water level, but if the road went up in elevation at all, there was lots of slush. The roads from just west of Spokane to the east end of the Gorge were snow covered and slow going. I was surprised there were not more snow plows out in eastern Washington. We saw only one in the 200+ miles. The pictures are of the Columbia River while we were driving. I have never seen the Columbia so still - it was just like a mirror. You can click on the pictures for a better view. What do you think?

We are off to do some shopping this morning. Roy had a great idea for something I could get for Meagan and she is still at her mom's until this evening so it is a good day to get that stuff done. She will be here with her dad and us all week and that will be such a wonderful blessing. We are going to make cookies, bracelets, shop, eat at Pastini Pasteria (her favorite), laugh, walk the neighborhood, just have a glorious week. I will take lots of pictures.


Carol said...

I've never seen the Columbia so still. Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing. I pray the roads are good for you when you return.
Carol F.

Carol said...

We come this way quite often and it was a beautiful site to be able to see the reflections in the water. It is not something we had ever see before. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Carol Have a very Merry Christmas!