Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunshine in Portland . . .

It was an amazing day today - lots of sunshine as you can see in the picture of Mt Hood.

Here is what I did today -
1. Drove up to Vancouver to go to a mall there where one of my favorite stores was having a sale - the sale prices were still twice what I can get the same things for at home - but the drive was beautiful and I loved walking in the mall.
2. Stopped to see the BabyLocke Sashiko - neat machine, but expensive for one stitch.
3. Lunch at Sweet Tomato's - my favorite place for lunch.
4. Got the car washed and a piece came off the mirror in the carwash - hmmm - not sure what will happen with that
5. Did some sewing and washed a load of clothes here in the hotel
6. Went to supper with Roy and Meagan at Macaroni Grill
7. Did the "Build A Bear" thing
8. Got a good sale on Shea Butter at Body Shoppe.

One more day and I head for snow country.

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