Monday, February 1, 2010

lots of fun - lots of pics

Here is my day in pictures. It was a cool, rainy day here in Portland as you can see.

I left the hotel about 10 and headed to Bob's Red Mill which is close to where I am staying to check out their prices on steel cut oats and ground flax seed that we eat every morning. We love the brand - and it is much cheaper by the 25 lb bag here so I will be taking some home - will stop back on Wednesday or Thursday.

From there I went to the Pendleton Mill Store. They have remodeled since I was there three years ago and moved the store upstairs. The bargains are not as good, but I did find some ultrasuede on sale and got an idea for a cute wool jacket so it was worth the stop .

After the Pendleton Store, I headed for Fabric Depot and some uninterupted browsing. It is a huge store filled with all kinds of fabric - quilting, bridal, upholstery, and on and on. I walked all over the store and looked at lots of wonderful fabric. I picked up a few pieces of brights on sale that I like to use in children's quilts, but I could have gotten really carried away on another day.

It was then time pick up Meagan from school and we had to have a stop at Krispy Kreme before we hit Toys R Us. I didn't take a picture there. In addition to a couple other gifts, I gave her 3 coupons - each for a shopping trip to a store of her choice. She used the first one at the Toys R Us. She is very convservative with Grandma's money so she is fun to take. I think the real fun is in looking. And we did a lot of that before we settled on a couple small items.

We then came back to the hotel where she played with her new purchases and watched Sponge Bob. From here we went back to her house and met up with Roy and his dad and stepmom. They brought her a birthday present of a new pink suitcase. She is going on a Disney cruise with her mom later in the week and the new suitcase is just right.

Bob and I also gave her a new digital camera and she enjoyed taking lots of pictures of the entire evening.

We all went out to dinner at Papa Haydn. They have desserts to dream about and Meagan had a Valentine cheesecake after her meal. Here she is with her Grandpa Ross and Grandma Yvonne - they are Roy's dad and stepmom. And, yes, decades ago, I was actually married to him. We are so civilized now.

It was a good day!

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