Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good day . . .

Some days are just that kind of day - everything seems good!

Did you have a chance to watch Oprah today? She had Kimberly Reed on as a guest. Kimberly grew up in Helena, MT and was an outstanding athlete and student in high school. She grew up as a boy. She has a documentary film about her life titled, Prodigal Sons. I want to see the documentary or order it when it becomes available. I was so impressed with her mom also on the show. When asked how she handled all of the changes, she simply said, "I believed in my child." It is an amazing story.

I worked on some quilting today - nothing new to share in pictures. No studio time tomorrow as I am going to have a couple little guys visit. Walker is going to be out in the morning and Weston may join him later in the day after he finishes preschool. I haven't seen them for a couple weeks so it will be a good day, but I know there will be no studio time.

I am blessed every day, but today it very clear. Thank you!

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