Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Great News . . .

We just got back from Billings - came home this evening (Wednesday) as our news was very good. The blockage in Bob's carotid arteries has actually decreased and the blood flow has improved "significantly" as the doctor said. We are thrilled so we just decided to head home and get on with our life. . . which seems to have been a bit on hold the past 3 months while we waited to see if surgery was needed.

He doesn't have to go back until August and the doctor said to keep on doing what we have been doing so we will get that 50 pounds of steel cut oats and 10 pounds of ground flax that I bought in Portland all eaten up by then. Of course we will also stay with the other diet changes, exercise and the meds. Whatever has helped, we will stay with it!

We are blessed and so thankful!

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