Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love these Tuesdays -

Every since getting back from Portland, I have been very inspired. Must be the good vibes from Portland - it is a very artistic city and I always enjoy going. And, I always love that each trip helps me refocus on my art and craft. And I am still thrilled with the memory of the newly planted pansies and the green grass. We still have all of our snow here.

Yesterday I was talking with my Denver friend and we were talking about this quilt - remember it? It is from a customer who is a friend of hers. The customer is in Florida for the next couple months and ask me to just hold it here until she gets back. So, I finished it and packed it away. Then when talking with my friend, I said it would be a nice bed quilt - very Irish looking. She then said the customer (her friend) was planning to hang it as a large wall quilt in a stairway. I don't know how I missed that part, but it caused me to rethink what I had done. So, I got it out and decided it did need some SID around the white areas where I had the Celtic knots quilted. I did do the CC in the green with green thread after this picture was taken, but it still needed the SID. So I reloaded it and that is what I am now doing. I am much happier with it - and I am now proud of my work which I was ho-hum about before. I will try to get some "after" pics posted this afternoon.

Last night I started on a new design book, "Design: A Lively Guide to Design Basics for Artists & Craftspeople" by Steve Aimone. It is a great refresher course on formal design classes. There are tons of pictures, quick connections of the concepts and quilts are included to illustrate points of design implementation. I will share more as I go through it.

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