Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday -

On Friday's for the next couple weeks I am going to be the "Granny Nanny" for both Walker and Weston. Yesterday was week #2 of this new adventure. Of course, when we take off in Gus - whenever and wherever - that will change for a few weeks, but it is fun for now.

Here are some pictures of Walker. He is almost 9 months old and has really changed. For so long he was just a good baby! He would eat lots, fuss when his pants were needing a changing and fuss if he was sleepy. He didn't do a lot of moving around and he just smiled at everything. He was what I call "an easy keeper". And then - what a change. It is like he woke up one morning and decided he had to walk. He learned to crawl very quickly and is now pulling himself up and trying to walk - a few problems here because he hasn't yet figured out he needs to have some balance.

He comes on Fridays at 8 am and Weston goes off to preschool. I pick up Weston from preschool at 11:30 and then keep both little guys until about 3. We are keeping Weston alone until after supper so he gets some Grandma time alone. It is a full day for me - but I am getting used to it. I look forward to the day all week - and I exhale deeply when they are safely at home with Mom and Dad.

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