Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday - already!

What happened to the rest of the week in Portland? It was like a whirlwind. Wednesday was more shopping and a fun evening with Meagan - watched her get a pedicure with her mom in preparation for a Disney cruise they were all leaving on this weekend. But - I lost the cable from my camera to my computer so no pictures. . . yet!

I left Portland on Thursday morning early - drove all the way home to Bozeman. I must be crazy as I should know better. What was the big hurry? I was just ready to be home I guess. I know I left the camera cable in the hotel room, but they didn't find it. So, I have had to order another one.

Yesterday, I got into some quilting again - love time in my studio. I will get some pictures. I am obsessed with not having that cable. Maybe I need another vacation.

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