Monday, February 15, 2010

Good friends . . .

Great news - my friend, Gail, from Colorado is coming to sew with me in a couple weeks. I am so excited. We have not been able to do that for a couple years due to life getting in the way of our plans.

We have known each other a long, long time. We were assigned freshman roommates in college here at MSU - didn't know each other then, but we were both from small Montana towns and we just clicked. She is the godmother for my first born son, Stan, and I was her "matron of honor" when she married. No matter where our lives have taken us, we have remained "best friends" for over 45 years. When I lived in Denver, we lived fairly close to each other and sewed together a lot. We made clothes, drapes, uphostery, placemats, purses - and whatever hit our fancy. We also walked 3 miles each day together and we shopped til we dropped together. We also shared tears together through the raising of teenagers and family illnesses and deaths when in Denver and all times since.

She started quilting before me and then I started about 6 years ago. We even made a quilt together. She pieced the little blocks on "Tumbling Through Time" and then I did the piecing to put it all together and did the quilting. Here is a picture of that quilt with the two of us when we won a first place ribbon at HMQS a couple years ago. We always planned on doing more together, but as life dictated we focus on other things, we have not done another quilt together. She has not done a lot of piecing for the past couple years as she heads up the holiday craft show for one of the larger women's charities in the Denver area. I went off to teach for that year at the University of Wyoming and then have spent a lot of good time since helping Mom and Dad during Dad's illness with selling their house, helping Mom move, helping Dad with all of the meetings and adjustments of the nursing home and then spending time with them until Dad's death in December.

I am not sure what we will sew on while she is here, but I can promise it will be a wonderful time to do whatever we want. I am beyond excited! Friendships like Gail and I have come few and far between and I am so blessed to have known such a wonderful connection through my life.

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