Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It came . . .

The cable for my little Casio Exilim finally arrived. So I have posted a couple pictures from the end of my Portland trip last week. Just pretend it is last Friday for this post. I don't know why I say the cable "finally arrived" - it really didn't take that long once I located a place to order it. I learned there are several different USB cables that fit the Casio digital cameras to connect to a computer - not something I could just go to the local Staples and buy.

This first picture is of Meagan at the pedicure parlor the last night I was in Portland. I sure do miss her. She had never had a pedicure before so she was a little tentative. She was going on a cruise with her mom and aunt and they were all getting pedicures. The thing that amazed me was that she had no doubt about the color she wanted - she wanted the toenails on one foot painted turquoise and on the other foot painted purple and she picked that polish out in no time flat. Oh, the glory of being six!

These flowers are what I came home to late last Thursday when I arrived. I had driven through the thickest fog for the last 50 miles of the trip so these were a wonderful wecome home from Bob. He missed me! I love to be missed. I should not drive all 750+ miles in one day alone - I was too tired.

And the next day, I emptied out the car and this picture shows the shelves in our back pantry where I stored my buys from Bob's Red Mill in Portland. Remember, it was the wonderful grain place where I could buy large quantities of the steel cut oats. That is a 25 pound bag of steel cut oats. I also got some oat bran, some high fiber oat cereal and some flax seed there as well. We have enough for several months or at least until the next Portland trip in May or June. The pictures tonight helped me remember what a wonderful week I had.

Tonight our neighbors came over for a "breakfast for supper" evening. We don't eat eggs, bacon, potatoes, etc. for breakfast any more - in fact - we rarely eat them at all any more. But sometimes one just gets hungry for it and tonight was the night. I called our neighbors - who are also good friends - and they joined us. We had the whole works - bacon, hash browns, and eggs all from the grill as well as toast, juice and coffee. I felt like a short order cook. I love the grill top part of my stove. In addition we had the long, leisurely visit that sometimes comes after a good breakfast with good friends and good coffee - all for supper.

I also did more in my studio - pictures of that tomorrow.

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