Friday, November 6, 2009

What we know . . .

We are set to go to Billings next week for consultation and surgery. We have been advised to plan to stay for several days and I know everything will be okay. Bob will have carotid artery surgery to remove blockage. It is amazing that he has over 70% blockage on one side and almost 70% blockage on the other side. He is not overweight, does not have high cholesterol, never smoked, has always been atheletic and exercised all his life. The other arteries in his body are clear. His doctor was shocked as well. I think the "not knowing what the solution would be" is worse than the coming events. We feel confident that we are now on the right path and recovery will be good. They will do the worse side and then make a decision on the other one for later.

I also had a couple more facial moles removed today. One of them was very difficult and was quite a little surgery and very painful. (I feel silly even saying that considering what Bob is going to go through - but it did hurt a bunch) I figured I might as well go ahead as with this as planned because it does not matter to me with everything else going on whether or not I have stitches and bandages on my face. I really like this dermatologist. She is a pretty straight forward doctor and I like that. But she did tell me that she knew the last one was going to be a lot more painful and more of a procedure so she saved it until last. She said she thought I would probably not have the others removed if she had done it first. She was right.

I did get the stitches out from the removals on Monday and the doctor was amazed that they had healed so well. I didn't tell her I used my secret "potion" once I could. I use emu oil - great stuff. It helps things heal quickly, minimizes wrinkles, and helps arthritis when rubbed into sore areas.

So - after a nervous day of waiting for Bob's surgery schedule, eating all of the ice cream in the freezer (well, almost anyway) and getting through my "recovery" - tomorrow will be a better day to get some stuff done here so we are ready for next week and for a couple weeks of recovery for Bob after that.

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts - we appreciate both so much!


Anonymous said...

Carol, you both with continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Jami C in IA said...

Will be thinking and praying for you both in the coming days. Bob sounds like my Dad...same thing, good everywhere else except around the heart. (by the way...he's still going strong and doing great at almost 81!! :-) )

Diana said...

My dear father had that surgery a couple years ago and he had almost complete blockage on one side and almost 90% on the other. Immediately after it was over he had a bad headache. Literally it was the blood rushing to his head...after he recovered from that, he feels great! Bob will do fine. Take it easy on the ice cream will ya? (wink)

Carol said...

Thank you all for the good thoughts. I know it will be okay - it just hit us out of the blue. I have sworn off the ice cream - well it is all gone and I just won't buy any more. LOL. Ice cream is my major weakness...especially if it is peanut butter and chocolate.