Monday, November 23, 2009

New week -

First, there is nothing different with Dad in Missoula. He is sleeping more and more. And he asks for water or his favorite apple juice or hot chocolate. I wanted to go over today, but I woke with the room spinning and have thrown up everything I put down today. It is not a good day to try to the 3 hour drive to Missoula - and certainly not a good thing to take into a nursing home.

Our Helena friends came for the weekend. Laurena and I have known each other since we were freshman in college here at Montana State University. Bob and her husband, Ken, went to the football game and watched the cross-state rival (University of Montana) beat our own MSU. It was expected as they have a great team and will probably take the national championship at their level.

Laurena and I stayed home and sewed these crazy bibs for adults. You can use them for ribs and spaghetti or you can use them to eat in front of the TV. A good friend had given two to Bob and I a couple years ago and they got stuck away in a drawer and not used. We were laughing about how difficult it is to keep our clothes from spills when we eat in front of the TV. So - we made up 4 each after a quick trip to Joann fabrics.

It was a good weekend, but I knew by noon yesterday that I was not up to par. I hope this passes quickly. We are planning to have Thanksgiving here and with Stan, Rainy and the little boys and then all head to Missoula on Friday. My sister is in Missoula this week from Phoenix.

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I hope you feel better soon. TeresaL