Thursday, November 5, 2009

A bit more . . .

Only a bit of sewing today - it was a busy day. We started out at the hospital and ended up the day at the hospital. Bob will need surgery as soon as it can be scheduled. They can't do it here, so the doc is sending us to a specialist in Billings (about 150 miles east of here) if they can do it in the next few days or else we will travel further. It has to be done soon.

I delivered a couple quilts today and begged off taking any more. I am officially retired again from doing quilts for customers - this time for good I hope! I have only a two here from good friends to finish and one QOV which I enjoy doing. I love quilting and have some other ways to make my Miss Daisy and Hoke worth their keep.

I am saying prayers and sending love to the families of all of the soldiers at Fort Hood. That was such a terrible tragedy today. About 15 years ago, I did quite of bit of education consulting in Killeen, TX near Fort Hood and am familiar with that area. It just breaks my heart to know there is so much pain tonight in so many homes. God bless them all and God Bless America!


Anonymous said...

Prayers for your Bob and for you.

jhwolf said...

I'll continue prayers for you and Bob as well as all involved at Fort Hood.

Judy in MO