Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some good news . . .

We got here to Billings and Bob had the ultra sound done here again at the cardiovascular clinic here. They did not believe the blockage was as bad as we had been told in Bozeman. They said they would place it at between 50 and 69% on each side and they follow the guideline that unless it is over 70% and there are symptoms of mini-stroke that the surgery has more possibility of stroke than that blockage level. He does have some symptoms, however, so they are going to do a CT scan with dye in the morning to verify the readings here as there has been discrepency in the various tests. But, it sounds better to us. If they see a need for surgery, it would not be considered an emergency and we can schedule it for next week or the week after. There could be a kink or severe turn in the arteries that are reading as heavy blockage and that will show up tomorrow.

But for now, we are feeling better. We have just returned to the hotel after a wonderful dinner out at a favorite restaurant. Our hotel is right in the parking lot of this large medical complex and it is a wonderful hotel. We go out the front door of the hotel and walk into the entry to the cardiovascular clinic.

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