Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not much news . . .

I worked on the purses this morning and we spent most of the afternoon at the doctor's office with Bob. We won't know anything for sure until we go back tomorrow for a couple more scans.

I started the purse and realized I had enough fabric for three so I cut out three and got started. I had to quit in the middle to go to town, but here are the pictures of where I stopped. I loaded them on Miss Daisy with some fleece and have done some quilting. I will get two quilted and have to get some more fleece for the third one - who knew I would end up making three purses. I am going to love this purse and I will use the other two for Christmas gifts.

Here is a cute picture of my older son Stan when he went fishing a couple days ago. This is the brown he caught on the Madison - one of our many "blue ribbon trout streams" in southwest Montana. He is a "catch and release" guy and he caught this fly fishing. Look at that smile - you would think he was eight again. We stopped at his office after the doc visit to hear the whole story as Rainy and the boys are in Colorado so he really needed to tell and retell it several times.

More tomorrow. . .

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